Friday, August 28, 2015

What's in My Bag | School Edition

Helloo. This was my quick video on what's in my school bag. I'm sorry it's so short but I was trying out editing styles.
I don't go to school anymore but these were definitely the things I brought with me.


LongChamp Tote in large
I love this bag! It's super roomy. I can fit everything I need plus my dog in here! (jk about the dog). The leather straps are really durable. They kind of dig into you though when your bag is really heavy . The shape also doesn't hold very well either. I would recommend a base shaper if saggy-ness bugs you.

I like to write on loose leaf papers instead of spiral notebooks because I like to be able to shuffle my sheets around. I find I'm extra messy when I write in notebooks.
The cute peas-in-a-pod folder is from 711 in Hong Kong!

I love writing notes on my iPad. I have a couple of great apps for it. You can record lecture and play it back at a specific line of notes!! So cool. Too bad I discovered this stuff at the end of my undergrad...

Pencil case + highlighters + pens
The obvious usual essentials for note taking. Fun fact: my pencil case is actually supposed to be a glasses case. The chapstick in there is just an extra in case I forget my usual one.

I don't use pencils, rulers or erasers usually but some classes need them so they're optional for me.

I definitely like having one around. Even if my courses didn't require one. I liked to calculate what each little assignment is worth so I know if I really need to do it haha.

Moleskin Planner
I looove this planner. It's nice and small and cute. A planner is essential to staying organized! Even though I put things in my phone I feel that writing it down makes it really stick.

Phone + Charger + Headphones
Of course you need your phone. I like to bring a wall charger because I can charge it as many times as I need to. Plus there are always wall sockets to plug into at universities.
Headphones are for when I feel like being a loner, which is quite often.

Since my eyes have gotten worse I started wearing them in class. Especially in classes where they use old school overhead projectors. The light is blinding. (I have astigmatism.)

Thanks for watching!

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