Friday, August 28, 2015

What's in My Bag | School Edition

Helloo. This was my quick video on what's in my school bag. I'm sorry it's so short but I was trying out editing styles.
I don't go to school anymore but these were definitely the things I brought with me.


LongChamp Tote in large
I love this bag! It's super roomy. I can fit everything I need plus my dog in here! (jk about the dog). The leather straps are really durable. They kind of dig into you though when your bag is really heavy . The shape also doesn't hold very well either. I would recommend a base shaper if saggy-ness bugs you.

I like to write on loose leaf papers instead of spiral notebooks because I like to be able to shuffle my sheets around. I find I'm extra messy when I write in notebooks.
The cute peas-in-a-pod folder is from 711 in Hong Kong!

I love writing notes on my iPad. I have a couple of great apps for it. You can record lecture and play it back at a specific line of notes!! So cool. Too bad I discovered this stuff at the end of my undergrad...

Pencil case + highlighters + pens
The obvious usual essentials for note taking. Fun fact: my pencil case is actually supposed to be a glasses case. The chapstick in there is just an extra in case I forget my usual one.

I don't use pencils, rulers or erasers usually but some classes need them so they're optional for me.

I definitely like having one around. Even if my courses didn't require one. I liked to calculate what each little assignment is worth so I know if I really need to do it haha.

Moleskin Planner
I looove this planner. It's nice and small and cute. A planner is essential to staying organized! Even though I put things in my phone I feel that writing it down makes it really stick.

Phone + Charger + Headphones
Of course you need your phone. I like to bring a wall charger because I can charge it as many times as I need to. Plus there are always wall sockets to plug into at universities.
Headphones are for when I feel like being a loner, which is quite often.

Since my eyes have gotten worse I started wearing them in class. Especially in classes where they use old school overhead projectors. The light is blinding. (I have astigmatism.)

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Trying really hard

So I've been getting really into planning videos. It's super fun. I get to be creative with how I edit the videos and the content. I will probably continue to do swatches for the make-up I do still buy. It's not much nowadays. I am definitely more into style and skincare now that I'm older.

Hopefully I can create good content that'll draw in viewers. Not that that is my end goal but it's nice to have your work appreciated right?

I already started shooting my "What's in my bag? - school edition" video. I'm planning on it to be out by Monday :).

Monday, August 24, 2015

Outfits of the Week I

New video is up!

I had so much fun making this. Even though it took a lot of time and effort. I'm not completely satisfied with the end product but I feel like I could edit this forever. I hope you enjoy! I'm looking forward to making more similar type videos.

Products shown:
* ASOS off the shoulder blouse (
* H&M black skinny jeans (
* Jeffrey Campbell Temeku (
* F21 necklace
* Dynamite dress (
* F21 necklace
* F21 white high waisted shorts (old)
* Brandy Melville cardi (
* Aritzia tank (old)
* F21 skort (similar:
* Zara crop top (
* Nine West pumps (old)
* H&M boyfriend jeans (
* H&M black tank
* Converse white (
* Marc by Marc Jacobs watch (
* Urban Outfitters rings (

Thanks for watching!