Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Year of the Sheep!

Hellooo is there anybody out there?

I want to wish everyone a good year of the Sheep. May this year bring all the riches and good fortune to you :).

Guess what I have? *Gasps* Reviews! Finally. School's done and work is steady now so I have more time to work on things like this :).

First thing I want to talk about is this fresh Rose Floral Toner. I love this thing so much. I was looking for a new toner since my old one ran out and I thought it was about time I changed things up. I don't always use a toner but I do when I want to feel extra fresh (pun not intended). I went to Sephora and asked a sales rep what she thought would be nice and moisturizing. I have dry skin in general with an oily nose. She recommended me this one. I like how it comes with a spray nozzle. I won't lose any product this way! Woot. It also smells amazing. Like roses. If you aren't into roses then maybe you won't like this. But it is very moisturizing. I dispensed some into a smaller spray bottle to take with me on the plane when I went traveling back in Dec/Jan and it was awesome. Airplanes always make me dry and this really helped!

This blush I have been using every single day since I got it. Haven't made a dent yet. It is soo pretty on the cheeks. Give you the right amount of glow. This is always what I use when I need to freshen up fast.

Excuse the crappy swatch pictures for now. It was night time and I have horrible indoor lighting. The color turned out correct though, albeit a bit pixel-y. I got this when I went to Seoul, Korea in December. One of the only makeup things I bought. It's quite moisturizing. I like the light color pay off it has. My favourite thing about it is the scent/taste. Smells like orange crush! I guess that's not the best thing to like about a lip gloss but hey it's cute looking and smells good.

The swatches are in the order of the glosses from left to right. Cherry Pie has been my go-to color for the holidays. The red is very nice and forgiving on all skin tones. I find a lot of reds bring out the yellow-ness of my skin but this one doesn't.

Eclaire (oops typo in the photo) is a nice light colored gloss. I really enjoy wearing this with a more smokey eye look.

Apply Strudel actually reminds me of the Etude gloss bar I showed earlier. The color is comparable. They're both on the orangey pink side. I would say the Etude gloss bar is more orange.

Last but not least. Heyclaire on YouTube introduced this to me and I looovee this. Very portable. I brought this to Hong Kong with me when I went for a wedding and it was all I needed for my face. The packaging is gorgeous as well. Highly recommend this!

Thanks for stopping by! I will be updating much more often, so please stay tuned!