Monday, December 28, 2015

NYE lookbook

This year I'm going for a more neutral palette for my NYE look. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

October Favourites

Here are some of my October Favourites.

Hi guys! This is my first favourites video ♥ The book I'm reading is Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I'm actually re-reading it while I wait for the new one to come out! If you guys want book recommendations please ask! I know everyone is about the fall scents but I just have the same favourite scents no matter what season it is! This candle is by Bath and Bodyworks. I got fairy lights! Woo so YouTuber lol. I love them though. That mirror is a life saver. My room is really dim so it really helps with applying makeup! That deer jewelry holder is from Michaels! So cute! And of course Halloween just passed so I have a lot of candy sitting around and Reese's have been the one I've been reaching for the most!

I hope you enjoyed the video!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nighttime Makeup :)

Try out this blue smokey eye next time you go out with your girlfriends!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Easy Creepy Halloween Makeup

Hi guys!

I posted a new video on this simple halloween makeup. All you basically need is black eyeliner pencil and foundation!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lip Products Collection

Hi guys! I just posted a coloured lip product collections video! Please check it out if you're interested. I did swatches on my lips. These aren't all of them. I might do a part 2 if there's enough interest =).


Monday, September 28, 2015


By using different lip colours.

It's super easy to portray a different vibe with the same eye makeup using different lip colours. In this video I show how a light, medium and dark coloured lips can change a look.



Friday, September 25, 2015

It's Fall :)

Hi everyone!

I just posted this video on different ways to wear a scarf. I hope it helps you out a bit!

I'm super lazy so the first draping way is my favourite. What's yours?

I'll do some costume videos soon!



Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey guys!

New OOTW video. This one is more Summer to Fall transition appropriate. I hope you enjoy and get some ideas of your own :).

Thanks for watching!


Sunday, September 13, 2015

CL (ChaeLin) from 2ne1 Make up Tutorial

Hi guys!

I have a make up tutorial up. Make up is totally not my forte. I just play around for fun. With CL's new Dr. Pepper song release I felt like making a tutorial for her distinctive look.

I hope you enjoy!



Friday, September 11, 2015

I hate it when

I don't know what to wear to a wedding. It's difficult especially if it's some close to you. You know you'll take lots of pictures. There's nothing wrong with wearing the same dress twice but it's best to avoid wearing the same thing to consecutive events.

Here are 3 dresses in my closet that I felt were appropriate for different season weddings. I didn't do a winter one because I've never been to a winter wedding.

Hope you get inspired!



Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My day in 1 minute

I always love watching these. I'm naturally a very curious person so I love room tours, follow me around, and other similar videos. So I thought I would do one too! It was just putting together random footage I captured on my iPhone. The iPhone really has a great camera.

Thanks for watching!



Wednesday, September 2, 2015

GRWM everyday look + OOTD

Helloo. I really quickly put together a get ready with me video. This is really what I do on a daily basis if I'm leaving the house.

Here are the products mentioned and the links to where you can get them:

L'oreal palette - Canyon Stone
Anastasia tinted brow gel - Espresso (
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer (
Etude House Proof10 eyeliner (
Maybelline EyeStudio (
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour - Tipsy (
Benefit Hoola bronzer (
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - Soft & Gentle (

Dress - H&M (similar here:
Jean Jacket - Aritzia
Boots - Vince Camuto (similar:
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-zip (

Thanks for visiting!



Friday, August 28, 2015

What's in My Bag | School Edition

Helloo. This was my quick video on what's in my school bag. I'm sorry it's so short but I was trying out editing styles.
I don't go to school anymore but these were definitely the things I brought with me.


LongChamp Tote in large
I love this bag! It's super roomy. I can fit everything I need plus my dog in here! (jk about the dog). The leather straps are really durable. They kind of dig into you though when your bag is really heavy . The shape also doesn't hold very well either. I would recommend a base shaper if saggy-ness bugs you.

I like to write on loose leaf papers instead of spiral notebooks because I like to be able to shuffle my sheets around. I find I'm extra messy when I write in notebooks.
The cute peas-in-a-pod folder is from 711 in Hong Kong!

I love writing notes on my iPad. I have a couple of great apps for it. You can record lecture and play it back at a specific line of notes!! So cool. Too bad I discovered this stuff at the end of my undergrad...

Pencil case + highlighters + pens
The obvious usual essentials for note taking. Fun fact: my pencil case is actually supposed to be a glasses case. The chapstick in there is just an extra in case I forget my usual one.

I don't use pencils, rulers or erasers usually but some classes need them so they're optional for me.

I definitely like having one around. Even if my courses didn't require one. I liked to calculate what each little assignment is worth so I know if I really need to do it haha.

Moleskin Planner
I looove this planner. It's nice and small and cute. A planner is essential to staying organized! Even though I put things in my phone I feel that writing it down makes it really stick.

Phone + Charger + Headphones
Of course you need your phone. I like to bring a wall charger because I can charge it as many times as I need to. Plus there are always wall sockets to plug into at universities.
Headphones are for when I feel like being a loner, which is quite often.

Since my eyes have gotten worse I started wearing them in class. Especially in classes where they use old school overhead projectors. The light is blinding. (I have astigmatism.)

Thanks for watching!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Trying really hard

So I've been getting really into planning videos. It's super fun. I get to be creative with how I edit the videos and the content. I will probably continue to do swatches for the make-up I do still buy. It's not much nowadays. I am definitely more into style and skincare now that I'm older.

Hopefully I can create good content that'll draw in viewers. Not that that is my end goal but it's nice to have your work appreciated right?

I already started shooting my "What's in my bag? - school edition" video. I'm planning on it to be out by Monday :).

Monday, August 24, 2015

Outfits of the Week I

New video is up!

I had so much fun making this. Even though it took a lot of time and effort. I'm not completely satisfied with the end product but I feel like I could edit this forever. I hope you enjoy! I'm looking forward to making more similar type videos.

Products shown:
* ASOS off the shoulder blouse (
* H&M black skinny jeans (
* Jeffrey Campbell Temeku (
* F21 necklace
* Dynamite dress (
* F21 necklace
* F21 white high waisted shorts (old)
* Brandy Melville cardi (
* Aritzia tank (old)
* F21 skort (similar:
* Zara crop top (
* Nine West pumps (old)
* H&M boyfriend jeans (
* H&M black tank
* Converse white (
* Marc by Marc Jacobs watch (
* Urban Outfitters rings (

Thanks for watching!



Wednesday, March 18, 2015

White dress shirts

Here are two ways I dress my white dress shirts.

Top by H&M
Black jeans
Shoes: Sneaker wedges TopShop

Top: Aritzia (Wilfred)
Black Jeans
Shoes: Steve Madden Combat boots

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Year of the Sheep!

Hellooo is there anybody out there?

I want to wish everyone a good year of the Sheep. May this year bring all the riches and good fortune to you :).

Guess what I have? *Gasps* Reviews! Finally. School's done and work is steady now so I have more time to work on things like this :).

First thing I want to talk about is this fresh Rose Floral Toner. I love this thing so much. I was looking for a new toner since my old one ran out and I thought it was about time I changed things up. I don't always use a toner but I do when I want to feel extra fresh (pun not intended). I went to Sephora and asked a sales rep what she thought would be nice and moisturizing. I have dry skin in general with an oily nose. She recommended me this one. I like how it comes with a spray nozzle. I won't lose any product this way! Woot. It also smells amazing. Like roses. If you aren't into roses then maybe you won't like this. But it is very moisturizing. I dispensed some into a smaller spray bottle to take with me on the plane when I went traveling back in Dec/Jan and it was awesome. Airplanes always make me dry and this really helped!

This blush I have been using every single day since I got it. Haven't made a dent yet. It is soo pretty on the cheeks. Give you the right amount of glow. This is always what I use when I need to freshen up fast.

Excuse the crappy swatch pictures for now. It was night time and I have horrible indoor lighting. The color turned out correct though, albeit a bit pixel-y. I got this when I went to Seoul, Korea in December. One of the only makeup things I bought. It's quite moisturizing. I like the light color pay off it has. My favourite thing about it is the scent/taste. Smells like orange crush! I guess that's not the best thing to like about a lip gloss but hey it's cute looking and smells good.

The swatches are in the order of the glosses from left to right. Cherry Pie has been my go-to color for the holidays. The red is very nice and forgiving on all skin tones. I find a lot of reds bring out the yellow-ness of my skin but this one doesn't.

Eclaire (oops typo in the photo) is a nice light colored gloss. I really enjoy wearing this with a more smokey eye look.

Apply Strudel actually reminds me of the Etude gloss bar I showed earlier. The color is comparable. They're both on the orangey pink side. I would say the Etude gloss bar is more orange.

Last but not least. Heyclaire on YouTube introduced this to me and I looovee this. Very portable. I brought this to Hong Kong with me when I went for a wedding and it was all I needed for my face. The packaging is gorgeous as well. Highly recommend this!

Thanks for stopping by! I will be updating much more often, so please stay tuned!