Wednesday, February 2, 2011

>.< So sorry

I'm sorry guys. = [ Been very busy with school and such. I do have quite  a bit of things to show you guys today tho. =] I see some new subbies! Hi there!

Okay first off I cam back from my second Las Vegas trip with my girls this time. It was a blast! I swear don't go with your s/o. Go with a bunch of girls. You'll get free everything! I will post up some pictures from my trip too.

I'm going to start off with my blush collection since it's grew a bit and I guess can count as a "collection". If you count 6 blushes as a collection :S.

I tend towards peaches but I think I look better in pinks. Weird. I love the NYX Natural cream blush. Cream blushes are a little trickier to work with but they're usually very pigmented so it's well worth your money. I've been wearing Smashbox Chiffon everyday lately. <3 it. Moon River is really pretty on also. Too bad it was LE. =[

Okay next will be recent purchases ( recent as it can get since I haven't posted in a while ><.

I bought a travel mini version of high beam just to try it out. It was 12 bucks at Sephora I believe. There's 3.9 mL of product in there. I like it but I don't love it. I think Moon River blush by mac is a better high lighter (the lighter part).

I bought this from the Body Shop. I felt like I need to pamper my skin more. I don't do anything to it except wash it and moisturize (if even that). So I went and bought a hydrating mask. The smell of this is kind of over whelming. If you're sensitive to smells don't get this. I've only used it twice so I can't say how much I like it. Smelling it for too long makes me want to vomit tho and I'm pretty tolerable to smells...-.-

What it looks like.

I also bought this body butter. I thought it smelt good at first but after I bought it and brought it home. It became a little too strong for me. So I recommend using this at night so when you wake up it's subtle. It really is moisturizing though. It's for normal/dry skin.

Maybelline quad Modern Metallics.

It's not very pigmented. I really liked the color 2 and 3 though. 4 is not pigmented at all. I don't see how someone can use it as a liner. >_> The colors remind me of give me gold quad from Maybelline but the colors are slightly different. Maybe I'll put up a comparison later.

New Revlon Colorburst lipsticks! This is the color petal 096.

It's a pretty natural pinky/nudy color. I like it. It does have shimmers in it but it's hardly noticeable on the lips.

Okay I think that's everything for now...I bought some nail polishes that I will take pictures of and swatch when my nails get better...I ripped off my gel nails myself because they were so ugly now and now my nails are recovering...

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