Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back with Vegas pictures =]

Met this nice gentleman here and a bunch of the people he was with. This is Wallace Santos. He's the CEO of Maingear Computers. This is outside Wynn before going into Tryst. Far right is me.

We also met Steve Bitanga. He's a photographer. He's shot every major import model out there. His work has been printed in Maxim and he's done covers for Performance Auto & Sound Magazine. He's the nicest guy ever.  Soo down to earth and chill. Love people from Cali! 2nd from left is me.

We also got serenaded to. <3

Our table at Marquee (favourite clubb). We were there when 50 cent, Snoop Dogg and Lloyd Banks was there.

Outside Marquee. Cosmopolitan is the nicest hotel ever. I'm totally staying there next time. We had a matching outfit night =]. I'm 3rd from left.

Us in limo =].

I'm wearing my asos dress =].

We watched Le Reve. I was getting sick by this time so I wasn't very into it. Ka which I watched last time I went to Vegas was better imo.

Pretty washroommm. We took so many washroom pics...

I added this pic so you can see my contacts. These are the EOS Max adult gray. I love love them so much. :
( very sad because I had to ruin them because on the day I was getting sick they hurt my eyes soo much and we were gonna watch le Reve and I couldnt stand it so I took them out and threw it. Sigh gotta buy another pair.

Annnddd last one of me. hehe.

My friends and I have a collective whole of over 600 pictures from Vegas so...It was very hard to select a few ><.

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