Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Haul pt 1 (?)

=] I'm back with part one I guess. I left some stuff out but I'll add it later lol.

Wilfred V-neck long sleeve. Retail $65. Didn't buy it on sale.

Left: Club Monaco top. It was sooo cheap after being on sale. I paid $28 for it while retail was $89.99. XD score.
Right: Propaganda lace skirt. Bought $30. Retail $40.

Talula cashmere cardi. Bought $65. Retail $75. I luvv it. It's so comfy. <3

:) Got as a present <3.

Late birthday present from my gf <3. It's from Asos if anyone is interested.

Bought another bustier from Aritzia. I didn't even check the price of this when I bought this >_<.

Leather jacket. $5x.xx. I can't remember. On sale though!

Secret Santa gift exchange. =] I got this. It's from their limited edition line.

Another present from <3. It's ruby and little diamonds from Peoples.

Okay, finally onto some product stuff. I have other clothing items but I will show those next post.

I love love this lip gloss so much. The color is so pretty. On your lips it turn kind of a cool toned pink. It's very pigmented. Love!

And I also got a new lipstick from Revlon

Swatched. It's very matte. I knew it was gonna dry out my lips and it does. A little lip balm and some gloss might save it for me though.

I know this post is very unorganized and rushed >< I apologize once again.

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