Monday, December 27, 2010


I'm sososo sorry for neglecting this blog. Too much was going on in my life. I had exams for school I was studying for and if I wasn't studying I'd be at work. @_@ And then the holidays meant working 40 hrs a week. But I have a day off today so I'll gather all the stuff I bought recently and show you guys. I haven't gotten much beauty related stuff though, mostly clothes.

Oh I chopped my long hair. T___T It wasn't supposed to be this short but the stupid hairdresser did it. =\ It's not really really short but shorter than I had wanted. :( I miss my long hair. It was almost to my waist! now the long part just touches my bra strap in the back.

I never put up pictures of my dark hair either. >.< So sorry. I'll do that today too. I'm going to come back with a picture filled post later on today. I need to snap photos and go to SuperStore right now. So look out for that tonight =].

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