Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mac Lady Gaga Lipglass

I bought this today out of impulse because the Lady Gaga lipstick wasn't in stock so I settled for the lipglass. However, I will pick up the lipstick when it gets restocked.

I love love this lipgloss. It's so pigmented like WOW. I love the color also <3. I wore this today at work and I'd say it lasted me abouttt at least 5 hrs of wear. It did make my lips peel at the end though. I might need lip balm with this.


See how pigmented it is? I didn't redip my wand either! I'm soo in love <3 The color is very similar to Revlon's Baby Pink. I'll put up a comparison next time. I can say though that Lady Gaga is a tad more cool toned than Baby Pink.

That's all for now!


  1. ooh i have the lipstick, the gloss looks really nice too! is it sticky at all?
    pretty lips~

  2. the lipglass looks a lot better than the lipstick, hmmm i might jst get it lol

  3. @Thelittledustprincess: I love it too! <3

    @Jasmine: It's fairly non-sticky for a lip gloss. I've tried some pretty bad lip glosses though. It's not bad at all.

    @Elle: You should definitely try it out. It's really nice =].