Monday, November 22, 2010

New circle lenses

I got my circle lenses <3. I ordered EOS Adult Gray and Geo Tri-color browns. I thought it would be more brown and more noticeable. It doesn't give much enlargement. Reminded me of Freshlook colorblends. The color is a weird combo of brown and grey but they might grow on me.

EOS Adult Gray however were sooo nice. They're amazing comfortable. I hardly felt them at all. The grey color does look a bit blue on my eyes but they look completely grey in the case. The color is very noticeable and pale which is what I wanted. It's still natural looking in indoor lighting but in sunlight and flash it's very noticeable.

Here it is with flash.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nails etc.

I got my nails done today! I was going to get black french tips but instead I opted for gold ones. =] They're so sparkly. Getting use to long nails tho is hard. Also an outfit picture and look for when I went out one night.

Top is from American Eagle. Skirt from Aritzia.

I had on Pink Please from Maybelline. Geo Honey Wing circle lenses. Well Dressed blush by Mac.

Anndd here's the Revlon Baby Pink lipstick swatch with Mac Lady Gaga lipglass. Very similar in color yes?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mac Lady Gaga Lipglass

I bought this today out of impulse because the Lady Gaga lipstick wasn't in stock so I settled for the lipglass. However, I will pick up the lipstick when it gets restocked.

I love love this lipgloss. It's so pigmented like WOW. I love the color also <3. I wore this today at work and I'd say it lasted me abouttt at least 5 hrs of wear. It did make my lips peel at the end though. I might need lip balm with this.


See how pigmented it is? I didn't redip my wand either! I'm soo in love <3 The color is very similar to Revlon's Baby Pink. I'll put up a comparison next time. I can say though that Lady Gaga is a tad more cool toned than Baby Pink.

That's all for now!