Sunday, October 31, 2010

New lip gloss =]

I bought new lip gloss the other day. Revlon's Life's a Peach. It was between this or Nude Lustre. They were very very similar. And in other news my Pink Whisper got thrown away at this party I went to! So mad. >=[

R: Life's a Peach next to L: Pink Whisper

L: Life's a Peach R: Pink Whisper

It's pretty pigmented for a lip gloss. I do like Pink Whisper more. This color is either really close to my lip color or is a bit sheerer than Pink Whisper. It's a good lip gloss to go over non pink lipsticks.

On a different note I'll post some Halloween pictures!

I'm supposed to be a "nerd". I didn't have a costume. I sold my last years costume to my friend so I had nothing to wear. So I just taped the middle of my 3D glasses and called myself a sexy nerd.

I triple stacked my lashes. It was intense! Too bad I didn't really take a pic of my makeup. I have Revlon lip stick in Baby Pink with Revlon Pink Whisper gloss on my lips.
At around 1am. Where are my glasses?

4 am. Where'd this pirate hat come from?

And then I had work the next day! Yay!

Happy Halloween!


  1. aww! you have such a small face haha~
    your natural lip colour is so nice... super jealous!

  2. I just ordered Pink Whisper! I love the Lustrous lip glosses! They're super smooth, nicely pigmented and they don't bleed everywhere : D

  3. @anonymous: Yeah my face is so small =[ I don't like it that way tho...

    @nani: I loveee them too! I bought another Pink Whisper haha.