Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Things from trip!

I'm going to go through this really fast since I didn't buy much anyways.

From Sunglass Hut

This smells sooo good. Reminds me of Anna Sui's Secret Wish which is one of my favourite perfumes.

Also bought a bra from VS. I didn't want to take a picture of the whole bra but here's the rim. You can figure it out ;).

From the True Religion outlet. So cheap. Omg. 

Juicy ring. It was a lot cuter to me in the store. It's okay now lol.

This really cute juicy charm which I'm using as an add on to my keychain!

And now I want to post pictures of the items I bought for Vegas. The lace bustier is so so cute. Too bad it's see through under your boobs. I'll see how I can wear this normally without looking hoochie.

And again the outfit on plus the cardi I wore with it in Vegas.

Okay, really that's all I bought in terms of items for myself. I bought a couple souvenir things for friends. Spent most of the money on food/other activities.

If anyone wants prices for things just comment below : )


  1. really great haul! i wish there was a true religion outlet near me. even when theyre on sale they run about 175!

  2. Hey Cari! Saw your link on Soompi & decided to drop by. Very cute blog you have started here :) I like your outfit~ from Aritzia?? I always feel so bare in those tiny tank tops -_-

    One more thing, I was wondering what shade are you in MAC foundations? Your skin is so clear & soft looking lol. WANT!

    okok, I'll visit this blog again :)


  3. Hi jasmine :) Yeah the outfit was from Aritzia lol I feel like that's the only place I can find something in a short amount of time. I don't use Mac foundations so I don't know my shade I'm sorry. Ill probably go get matched someday soon because I'm planning on getting their concealer. My skins clear of things like pimples but really its not that great haha. Thanks for reading!