Monday, September 27, 2010

No work!

No work today so I took this chance to go try shopping. I didn't find much. I don't know why I have a huge urge to shop but I can't find what I want! I really want an Ipad lately...Maybe I'll slurge on that if I don't buy more clothing stuff.

I was bored too so I tried on my circle lenses that I never wearrr. O_O

 Bought this sweater from F21. I've been looking for a large sweater and this one will do I think. I didn't even try it on in the store.

I also bought cute bow earrings! Love.

 Eyes today. The two darkest colours from Give Me Gold from Maybelline's Eyestudio quads.

God, these circle lenses really make people look so much more "innocent" and "cute". How deceiving.

That's allll for now.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Things from trip!

I'm going to go through this really fast since I didn't buy much anyways.

From Sunglass Hut

This smells sooo good. Reminds me of Anna Sui's Secret Wish which is one of my favourite perfumes.

Also bought a bra from VS. I didn't want to take a picture of the whole bra but here's the rim. You can figure it out ;).

From the True Religion outlet. So cheap. Omg. 

Juicy ring. It was a lot cuter to me in the store. It's okay now lol.

This really cute juicy charm which I'm using as an add on to my keychain!

And now I want to post pictures of the items I bought for Vegas. The lace bustier is so so cute. Too bad it's see through under your boobs. I'll see how I can wear this normally without looking hoochie.

And again the outfit on plus the cardi I wore with it in Vegas.

Okay, really that's all I bought in terms of items for myself. I bought a couple souvenir things for friends. Spent most of the money on food/other activities.

If anyone wants prices for things just comment below : )

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I tried

I tried doing HK model Angelababy's lip color here.

I used Revlon Baby Pink from their Colorburst collection and just topped it off with a clear gloss.

Is it close?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm back!

That trip passed by so fast! I wish we stayed longer. We stayed at Caesars Palace. Everything was so pretty. I wish I lived there ahaha. We toured around other hotels, saw some free shows, went to the shark reef, watched KA and shopped! It was so so hot, but I didn't mind it.

I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of what I bought yet. I'll do that soon but I was to post up some other pictures from the trip!

Elevator hallway of our floor.

Forum Shops. Pretty horse!

Room bathroom <3

Room. It was pretty big. Bigger than I expected and we had a nice view of Bellagio and Paris. We could see a little of the water fountains at night.

Pool at night. We went in when it was closed. Not sure if we're allowed to. There was a security guard. He didn't tell us to get out or anything but we left when we saw him.

Pool during the day!

Look how blindingly white I am. It's so grosss. I tried so hard to tan. I got a little darker but I still look lighter than the average person haha.

Mmm dessert.


Before our nice dinner at Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

Okay too many pictures. Maybe I'll do a part 2. My camera died on my the second day and I forgot to bring my charger because I rushed to get out of my house. =_=;