Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Finally something to post. Unfortunately, all those items I posted before that I wanted to get weren't all ordered because some were gone by the time we ordered or I changed my mind.

I got the black heels and the Tory Burch wannabes.

Close up of the cool clasps. It's this hook instead of the usually belt buckle like thing that attaches it.

I got both of those in 230 mm which should be equivalent to size 6 in womens. The heels came a little loose and the flats came a little tight. I probably would've gone a size up with the flats and a size down with the heels. I'm planning on stretching out the flats since it's fake patent leather material that's stretchable.

I'm happy with my heels. =] Since I'm going to Las Vegas at the end of the month I can wear themmm!

Picture of me juuust because I don't want you guys to forget what I look like! I need to dye my hair soon. It keeps getting lighter and brassier. -___-;


  1. I'm loving your shoes! Especially the heels! Nomnom! : D

    You look super cute btw! You wearing gloss? : O nice nice!

  2. @Nani I wasn't actually haha. It was probably vaseline or some sort of lip balm =].