Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh, one more thing.

I got my hand on Maybelline Eyestdio Gel liner in Blackest Black finally!

So I'll compare the two Charcoal and Blackest Black really quickly.

Charcoal on the left and Blackest Black on the right. Blackest Black is very very dark. I think I love it.

Charcoal has shimmers in it and Blackest Black is completely matte. Ignore the sides I was just cleaning off my brush but as you can see even the extra swipes are darker from Blackest Black.

And I just wanted to post this picture with Charcoal smeared all over my eye. I was bored, okay?! So, shoot me.

I posted this to show you the makeup under my eyes.
I dunno what I was doing here okay. I think it captured at a wrong moment...

I was trying to imitate Taylor Momsen. Haha. I have Revlon's Soft Nude on my lips.

Her band (The Pretty Reckless) has a good song "Make me wanna die". You should check it out.

Okay, that's all! Thanks for readin'. Bye!

[edit] Wow I have the worse memory in the world. I forgot to post something else I bought today! Sandals from F21. So cheap. Only 8.50 CDN. I was going to get the black ones but my friend wanted them and we're the same size and it was the last one so I got gold instead because I really didn't mind either. I'm not in lovee. But I think they're better than a lot of other ones I've seen lately. I'm not into the whole gladiator thing. I think they look good on other people but not on me which sucks 'cause it can really spice up an outfit.

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