Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mascara drying out tip

Diorshow Blackout. Though I like this mascara the formula dried out on me very very fast.The bristles on the brush would stick together and all that when I took it out of the tube. So while playing around I found a way to make it less dry.

- First you take a large cup or mug of water that can fit the length of the tube. The cup I used was exactly the same height as the mascara tube.

- You fill the cup up with warm/hot water (hot enough so there's a bit of condensation on the inside of your cup. Fill it up to where the cap on the mascara starts.

Put the tube in.

 It's my Beijing Olympics cup =]. 

Here's the mascara. Excuse my background. 

- I put it in for about 4-5 minutes and then I take it out to check the wand. It was a lot smoother but not as smooth as I wanted it to be.

- I took the wand out and dipped the tip (very very tip of the tip!) into the water to get a drop of water and I stuck it back into the tube. (this probably won't work for waterproof mascaras)

- I shook it up a bit and put it back into the cup.

- I took it out after a minute or two and tada!
 It came out nice and smooth.

Since the mascara drying is probably just due to evaporation of water in the formula I just thought putting some back in would make it better and it did =].

I put the mascara into the warm/hot water first to "melt" the formula better so it'd mix with the water easier. If you feel like you could use more water feel free to repeat the process.

That's all!

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