Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lash Booster: Another quick update

I have been putting the Lash Booster on my lower lashes and have noticed a big difference. It's still not noticeable from a far or anything, however, more have been growing. The bottom lashes on my right eye (outer corner) have been nonexistent. Literally. I had none there weirdly. Maybe I cut them out a long time ago in desperation for it to grow longer and thicker. I guess it never grew back. It has been growinggg! I also noticed more growing along my bottom lashes too. I do believe they are longer also. I don't have great pictures of my bottom (my eyelashes are so small and thin my camera can't focus T_T) but I tried.

My bottom eyelashes have never been this long before or I've never had that many before lol. Sad isn't it?

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