Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Storage DIY

Hi there! Today I'm going to show you an easy make to make drawer dividers/containers.

As a Chinese person I'm very cheap. I don't like to spend money on things I don't really really need (or want). I also like things organized (to an extent). So instead of buying drawer dividers and containers. I use household items to hold my things.

I collect shopping bags. Not on purpose but I end up not throwing them away (the nice ones) and they stack up. I found an easy way to make these shopping bags come in handy!

First you find some small shopping bags you have lying around. (I'm talking about the stiff paper/cardboard ones, the ones that fold not the flimsy plastic ones).

Like so. They vary in sizes so just choose one you want.

I chose the La Senza bag. If you look on the inside you'll see the handles are tied strings. Untie them and pull them out. (If your bags handles are glued stiff paper handles just cut them off).

Like this =].

Choose a height that you want your little bucket to me. I chose mine to be where my finger is. (don't mind the coins I was cleaning out my desk, which is what inspired me to do this post).

Now you gotta take scissors and cut the corners to that edge or else you won't be able to fold them in properly.

It should look like this now. And then you just fold the side into the bag!


Here are examples of how I use mine.

This is inside my desk drawer. It keeps things in my drawer from free floating. I love it.

And where I put my makeup.

It keeps my lotions, hairspray and such in place!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post.


Ahhh I want this wallet so bad!

This is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Large Zip Around wallet. I was going to impluse buy it the other day but I stopped myself. I need a new wallet. My Juicy Couture one is so dirty now =\. This one is around 240 if I remember correctly. It's so pretty. I love all around zip wallets because they are so easy to use. Nothing falls out. It's very very convenient.

I also like this Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Large Zip Around wallet.

This one is gorgeouss but I don`t know if I can find it in stores. Sigh~ Early birthday present for myself? haha

Monday, June 28, 2010

No time for anything =(

I apologize for the lack of things on this site this month. I really haven't bought much. Too busy with school right now. Sigh. Hopefully I will get in a good haul soon.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Photos =]

Went out for a friend's birthday dinner today. I'll put up some pictures.

I double stacked my lashes. One of them were very natural looking though.

I need to get myself some bottom lashes. I should buy the Dolly Wink by Tsubasa Masuwaka. They are so gorgeous.

Here's a pic of a friend, birthday girl and me.

I wore a black tube dress from Talula and the cardi is from Wilfred I think. I'm too lazy to check right now. 

Good nights <3

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Man Blogger's come up with some pretty designs =] so I changed mine.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Just a quickie =]

Sorry for the awkward pose. Didn't even realize.

Wilfred shirt
Talula shorts

Mac Well Dressed blush
Mac  Creme Cup lipstick
Liner, mascara & NYX jumbo pencil in Cottage Cheese.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mascara Post!

Finally. I did something more interesting for this blog lol. My mascara review. I only have 4 right now that I'm using so sorry for the little selection but I will of course do more when I buy new ones.

Here's the bunch together.

So there's Diorshow Blackout, Mac Fibre Rich, L'oreal Voluminous and CoverGirl Lash Blast (all of these aren't water proof. I don't like using water proof mascaras).

Excuse the green thing at the bottom it was to keep them from rolling.

First up is Diorshow!

Here's a picture of it's big brush.

So yes this mascara is nice and darkens my lashes nicely. But for the price it's just not worth it. Especially since it dries out pretty fast.

Up next is Mac. I've heard a lot of bad things about Mac mascaras and how you should never ever buy one but I bought one anyways.

Here's the brush. It's a lot skinnier than Dior's.

So it did undo my curl a little. Which was a good thing 'cause my curl was ugly lol. This is a mascara where you have to build. I actually quite like this mascara. It was a reasonable price I think around 14-16?

L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black.

I love the tube of this mascara, it feels really nice.

Darkens nicely. It's a little clumpy if you do too many stroke but one or two is enough with this mascara.

CG Lash Blast

What I like about this mascara is that it doesn't clump on me. It gives me natural looking lashes, however, I found this mascara flakes really easily by the end of the day. Maybe it's because I've had it for a little while now.

Overall I'd definitely repurchase L'Oreal Voluminous again as it's cheap and it gives me results close to 20-30 dollar mascaras.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lash booster day 21

Sorry for posting this late but I was busyyy.

Here are pictures of Lash Booster on Day 21 or end of week 3.

compared to day 1
It definitely got longer and fuller. My lashes look healthier now also.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mini-mini Haul

I went to the mall today and bought two things from Mac. I wrote a long post about today but I accidentally closed the window =\.

Lipstick in Creme Cup. I love it a lot. I recommend anyone getting this. It's a your-lips-but-better lipstick, I have pigmented lips so it makes me lips lighter to soften my look but at the same time is a believable color. I was going to get Shy Girl but when i swatched it on my hand it looked a lot like Revlon Soft Nude and I didn't want to buy another similar color.

Half swatch & full swatch

Love love love!

Well Dressed & Creme Cup

I love Well Dressed too! It's something I can't over do on my cheeks because it's not a dark/bright color. I wanted a cool toned pink blush for the longest time.

I watched Sex and the City 2 today too. It was pretty funny. Take it with a grain of salt and you'll enjoy it. It's kind of plot-less also but still funny.

Oh, I also bought this from La Senza. I shouldn't post up intimates but this was so cheap. Only 9.xx after tax.

I apologize for the white on white. So cute right? haha

Okay that's all. It's late and I still need to shower @_@

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I've been sick lately so I haven't gone out or done anything! Also my credit card was in danger of fraud so my bank shut it down and is sending me a new one but I haven't gotten that yet! Blah what a crappy week. I have midterms next week too. Sigh. I'll start posting regularly once everything goes back to normal.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

FOTD (not really)

This was a look I did some days back. I didn't get to post it.

Gosh Darling lipstick
Maybelline Green with envy Eyestudio Quad (just the black color)
Mac Springsheen blush

Mascara drying out tip

Diorshow Blackout. Though I like this mascara the formula dried out on me very very fast.The bristles on the brush would stick together and all that when I took it out of the tube. So while playing around I found a way to make it less dry.

- First you take a large cup or mug of water that can fit the length of the tube. The cup I used was exactly the same height as the mascara tube.

- You fill the cup up with warm/hot water (hot enough so there's a bit of condensation on the inside of your cup. Fill it up to where the cap on the mascara starts.

Put the tube in.

 It's my Beijing Olympics cup =]. 

Here's the mascara. Excuse my background. 

- I put it in for about 4-5 minutes and then I take it out to check the wand. It was a lot smoother but not as smooth as I wanted it to be.

- I took the wand out and dipped the tip (very very tip of the tip!) into the water to get a drop of water and I stuck it back into the tube. (this probably won't work for waterproof mascaras)

- I shook it up a bit and put it back into the cup.

- I took it out after a minute or two and tada!
 It came out nice and smooth.

Since the mascara drying is probably just due to evaporation of water in the formula I just thought putting some back in would make it better and it did =].

I put the mascara into the warm/hot water first to "melt" the formula better so it'd mix with the water easier. If you feel like you could use more water feel free to repeat the process.

That's all!

Lash Booster day 14

's been two weeks! I don't think I might have forgotten to put it on for a day or two but I've been pretty consistent.

Here are some pictures.

Comparison from last week to this week. My lashes have gotten a lot fuller, especially at the outer corners.

Oh wow I didn't even notice that big of a difference until I posted these pictures here. Yay. My bottom lashes are soo much longer than before too! Happy =]

I took some okay pictures of my bottom lashes. I'm SO happy with the results on my bottom. It's amazing! (for me anyways.)

Very very happy. I use to have nothing! I swear to god. They were the shortest things in the world. hehe

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lash Booster: Another quick update

I have been putting the Lash Booster on my lower lashes and have noticed a big difference. It's still not noticeable from a far or anything, however, more have been growing. The bottom lashes on my right eye (outer corner) have been nonexistent. Literally. I had none there weirdly. Maybe I cut them out a long time ago in desperation for it to grow longer and thicker. I guess it never grew back. It has been growinggg! I also noticed more growing along my bottom lashes too. I do believe they are longer also. I don't have great pictures of my bottom (my eyelashes are so small and thin my camera can't focus T_T) but I tried.

My bottom eyelashes have never been this long before or I've never had that many before lol. Sad isn't it?