Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seattle =]

So I went on a semi spontaneous trip to Seattle yesterday. I knew my friends were going but I wasn't sure I was going to go with them but I ended up going anyways, I didn't want to go because I didn't wanna spend all day in sunglasses haha. I guess it doesn't matter anyways.

I bought the Revlon Colorburst lipsticks that Everyone talks about! So happy because we don't have those in Canada yet. I also bought Maybelline's Eyestudio lasting drama gel liner! Swatches later in this  post. I'll just talk about my trip first.

We went to Seattle Premium Outlet first. Got there around...11:00 am. The border wait wasn't too bad. 20 mins? I went into Coach with a mission and came out with that mission accomplished! I've been wanting a new bag for a really long time. I was going to just wait and save up and get the LV trevi PM bag I wanted but I couldn't wait. I needed a good big bag that I could go to school with. It was retail for 300 something and was on priced at 179 at the outlet but we were given 20% off entire purchases coupons. The total I paid for the bag was 150. What a stealll.

Here's the bag:

I wouldn't have bought it or wouldn't have liked it as much if there were no pleating (is that the right word?) on the front and if the inside wasn't pink! Hehe =]

I thought that this was all I was going to buy for the trip...haha right.

I also bought a shirt for my boyfriend from Guess. Only 25 dollars!

Then we headed over to South Center Mall near downtown Seattle. I've never been to this mall before and it was really nice. All the things I bought here were from F21 which is weird because we do have a F21 where I live but I never ever find anything there. It's such a mess there. I bought a tube dress that could also be pulled down to be a long skirt for $22.

The detailing of the dress. I really like it and it's two in one a dress and a skirt!

And then I bought this really simple blue skirt for $9

Sorry for the plain pictures. I was too lazy to accessorize the outfit. I'll probably wear a belt with this.

There was a Rainforest Cafe at South Center! I was so happy because we use to have one in my city when I was realllly young. I remember going to it once or twice in elementry but then it closed down. Here's some pictures.

Moving snake. My friend was so scared. It was kinda creepy.

Alligator (or Crocodile?). Those pictures were taken from my phone, I didn't bring my camera yesterday.

Thenn we went to Nordstrom rack. By this time we were all so tired and hungry. I didn't even really want to go to Nordstrom rack because I thought I wouldn't buy anything but I found a nice pair of heels. There were also a pair of True Religion jeans for 100 I was going to buy because I have been looking for a nice pair of skinnies but I refrained. I didn't want to spend over 300 today and 100 isn't that cheap if it were say 75 or under I probably would've bought.

BUT I bought these *heart*

I love love love these soo much. I wasn't going to buy them because they were a tinsy bit  tight on my toes but I thought hey I can stretch them out. They're from Preview international. I've never heard of this brand actually but these shoes were fairly comfortable. They're 4 inches I believe. I really like the zipper in front.

So I was removing the sticker thing on the bottom of the heel. Here's a good tip for removing the excess stickyness left behind usually. Use nail polish remover. Of course this is if the material is safe for nail polish remover be sure the color or the surface under the stickness won't be removed by nail polish remover

Okay then after that we ate at Red Lobster. Yum yum. What do they put in their garlic bread, man?! Must be crack or something. It's sooo good.

I got the pasta because I was craving for it all day. Full order. We were all starving it was so funny. We ate Mcd's when we went to the outlet but that was the last thing we all ate and we got to Red Lobster at 8:45 pm. I couldn't finish the full order though. I should've went with the half =\.

My friend's dish. Two of them got this and the other one got what I had with cajun chicken instead because he hates seafood LOL.

We headed home but we stopped at Wal-mart to buy some food and I wanted to pick up the Revlon lippies.

When I first saw the lipstick on hollyannaeree's channel I thought the packaging wasn't that great. The indented side looked kinda weird to me. But in real life it's gorgeous. Feels very expensive. The cap clicks when you close it. It's very sturdy and a good weight.

Of course I bought Baby Pink and Soft Nude.

Weird. My pictures flip on it's own. Anyways, swatches.

Here is Soft Nude. I don't know what to make of this color. In the tube it looked very beige nude but on my skin it's a bit pinker/peacher. Left side is 5 swipes and right side is just 1.

Baby Pink. Very cute. Left: 5 swipes and right: 1 swipe.

Baby Pink has a tiny bit of silver shimmer in it while Soft Nude does not.

I found these color needed break into. As in at first I had to press really hard on my lips for the color to come out but after you get past the initial layer it's fine. I find I don't like the shape of the tip too much. I like tips to point more? Like Mac ones or like this:

 But the Revlon one's are like this:

 Maybe I'm just not used to it...

Baby Pink on half of my lips. I got this idea from cl2425 =]


Soft Nude half.

Soft nude full.

I love both of the colors. I thought I wouldn't like Soft nude because I'm not too into nude colors and I thought I wouldn't like Baby Pink because I don't wear cool pinks. But I love them both. Another bad thing about them is the smell. Not that you can smell it from just opening it, you really have to bring it to your nose to smell but it smells bad.

So summary of Revlon Baby Pink and Soft Nude

The Good:

♥ Nice colors
♥ Love the packaging
♥ Good color matching on the packages
♥ Not drying (but not moisturizing)
♥ Not bad pigmentation

The Bad:

♥ Weird lipstick/product shape (tip)
♥ Smells bad close up
♥ Needs to break in first layer of lipstick

Over all I will buy this again once I get a chance or use it up...Maybe I should get back ups. Haha.

Okay now on to Maybelline gel liner. This is getting to be a longgggg post. omg.

....WHY IS IT SIDEWAYS????????????????

Stupid blogger...

This color is in Charcoal. There were no more black black.

Swatches. The top line is the first line I drew. (I used the brush it came with, sorry I forgot to take a picture. Maybe I'll put it up later). The one under it is left over from that stroke. The 3rd line is from flipping the brush over and using the product on that side and the last one is just me cleaning off the brush.

I haven't used it on my eyes yet because of my stitches I don't think it's a good idea to test make up out right now. So I'll do a review review later.

I'm rushing to finish this post now because I need to go out.

All in all, good day yesterday, had lots of fun and got a good haul of stuff.


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