Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Okay so I wasn't sure if I should post this online. I'm scared it might come back and haunt me but I have nothing to hide so why not.

So I have a condition since I was born where my low eyelid has extra skin and fat so that it pushes my eyelashes against my eyes. Here's a picture

Can't find another picture. It's not even that bad here because I was playing around with it that day and tried to use my finger nail to curl my lashes out haha ^^;.

Okay so I saw a doctor and all that. They said that the eyelashes could be affecting my eye sight. My right eye sight is a lot worse than my left one (my right eyelashes rub more against my eyeball). I saw a specialist and everything. We set up an appt for surgery.

I got it done today. The needles for freezing hurt like a mofo. I was awake the whole time. It was quite weird I smelt burning at one point. So I thought maybe he's burning my flesh? Or more likely the thread? I have no idea I'm not doctor. He cut away some skin and it sounded like he was cutting my eyelashes off! >_<

It's a little sore now. My vision was very blurry for a while after because he put anti-biotic on my stitches and some got in my eye and I couldn't rub it out.

I'm not sure if I should put picture because it is kind of gross. I'll put up pictures for sure once I'm mostly healed though =].

I'm gonna start putting on vitamin E oil on it after a week to prevent scarring. I really hope I don't noticeable scar =\.

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