Thursday, May 20, 2010


So I was taking a break from taking notes for chem and I brought out all my lipsticks. I use to be really meh about lipsticks because they seem "old lady'-ish. I lovee lipsticks now. The first one I got was actually from MUFE as a sample (I won a whole MUFE sample package during a draw in high school). The second one I bought myself was Mac Cherish. I was looking for a nude color. The SA or makeup girl didn't help me much. I was afraid of the really pale colors then because I thought it'd look really bad on me. So I picked Cherish. I don't wear it at all but maybe I'll start.

Then I bought some Revlon ones and it just went from there.

I took a picture of my little lipstick family and swatched them all. Swatching them together made me realize how similar some colors are...and that I probably wasted money buying some. Anyways, the finished are different so that's alright =P.

L-R: Revlon twinkled pink, Maybelline Born with it, Revlon Silver city pink, MUFE ??, Revlon Baby pink, Revlon Soft nude, Gosh Darling, Mac Cherish, Nectarine 126

The MUFE lipstick is soo similar to Revlon twinkled pink! Except Twinkled pink is more frosty and MUFE is much much less. The bottom row are all frosty with Silver city pink being the most frosty. MUFE n140 (only name I could find on it) and Baby pink are a little frosty but not noticeably so. Soft nude and Darling are matte cream colors. I never noticed how pink Darling was till now. Mac Cherish is a Satin finish and Nectarine 126 has a lil frost.

I should stop buying pinks...and start buying more peachy colors.

My favourite right now is Soft nude. I also really like Born with it but it's very similar to my lip color so I look like I'm wearing nothing usually.

Okay, so I reswatched Twinkled pink and the MUFE color because the other swatch and their similarity just baffled me.

Left: Revlon Twinkled pink Right: MUFE n140.

So as you can see they still look similar but the MUFE is a tad darker. The MUFE is also much creamier and smoother when applying it.

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