Monday, May 10, 2010


Let me introduce you to my favourite eyeshadow color =)

It's from a brand called Girlactik. I've never heard of it either. They have a site here.

The packaging is so pretty. Gun metal colored and reflective. The shadow is also really really soft.

Here's the color in the pan.

The one on the right is star shadow. The one on the right is Urban Decay Sin.

Sin is a much lighter color and not as warm toned.

Left: Star shadow Right: Sin

The difference is pretty obvious in this picture.

I love love this color. If I'm lazy (which I'm almost always am) I'll just put Star shadow all over my lid and that's it. Or I add a darker brown on my outer corner/crease.

I really like nude colors btw. I like the scrubbed clean looking, dewy skinned, glowing look.

I bought this from The Faceshop. Sadly, the one I got it from closed down. I just checked the locations on the site for this brand and apparently if you're in Canada some Sephora's carry them! Yay. I can't wait to go see. =] 

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