Saturday, May 1, 2010

colored contacts &etc

Geo Honey Wing w/ flash

I also have the Ash Wing of this series. My eyes are very dark  so Ash Wing doesn't show up grey. They just look dark and bigger for me. The Honey Wing is a bit better but I wouldn't say it's noticeably browner, only with flash on is the brown noticeable.

Geo Nudy Grey w/ room lighting

Geo Nudy Grey w/ flash  (excuse my face -__-;)

These were a little better in showing the grey but again it's a little dark for my eyes. Nudys look very unnatural in real life so I didn't like them that much but in pictures they are gorgeous.

 Acuvue Colored lens in Green.

I really liked these =[ but they ripped within 2 weeks. Sigh.
Acuvue Colored Contacts in Grey.

These were nice too in terms of color. The grey showed up even without flash as you can see.

I had other pictures of Ash wing and Nudy brown but I lost those...I also had pictures of normal colored contacts in brown >< so sorry. And so sorry for the bad photos. The Acuvue ones are really old and so are the nudy ones. The ones that I have right now is Geo Ash Wing and Honey Wing.

My normal eyes are like this:

Very dark even with flash.

Thanks for reading!

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