Saturday, November 28, 2009

bye bye baby hairs

So I have a lot of baby on my head. Hair that won't grow near my hairline. It bugs the crap out of me because when I part my looks kinda like a balding spot (spots...because my hairline is a V so one spot on either side). I use to not mind it but now I've taken a better look at it and at my mom (who had the same thing but her hair fell out and never grew back and she got older!) I realzed I really want to fix this.. I searched online for people in similar situations and have grown back that hair. I couldn't find any for the longest time until I found this blog.

Simply put, it says brushing is good for hair growth so brush your baby hairs! There's more detail on the blog so if you're interested you should go read it. I'm starting right now. It's suppose to take years for your hair to go back to normal but it's better than doing nothing about it and having my hair fall out when I'm old.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

I was camwhoring
RIP Daul Kim <3. You were an amazing model.